How to Empower Your Sales Team with Internal Podcasting

Let’s face it: We’re living in a time of information overload and your sales team is likely contending with a never-ending stream of noise from social media, email, articles, blogs, videos, internal messengers and more. Podcasting is the perfect way to cut through some of that noise and companies like American Airlines and Walmart are paying attention.

In a time where workers are demanding more accessible leadership and transparent communication, employers are leveraging company podcasts to effectively reach their internal and remote workforce. But this medium isn’t just effective for your internal comms, it can also be an incredibly powerful sales enablement tool.

Download our Internal Podcasting Playbook and learn:

  • Why you should consider implementing a podcast at your organization
  • Common hurdles sales managers and executives face (and how to overcome them)
  • Ways to streamline your team's productivity while growing your bottom line
  • What steps you should take to get started and set your team up for success with podcasting, as well as key things to consider when forming a strategy for your new content
  • How to measure the impact and effectiveness of a podcasting program

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