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Integration Partners

Integration Partners

Podcast Player

Rich and Powerful Mobile App

Connect your global workforce no matter where they are

Your branding is unique to your enterprise: Every color and image says something about your organization, its values and its history.

  • With CastDesk, you’re able to add your logo, customize the look of your interface so the application becomes an integral part of the company, and launch your own mobile-first podcast app.

  • Our high-performing iOS and Android mobile applications allow employees to access content on-demand, from any location--including offline.

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Secure Podcasting

Unlock the potential of podcasting for your organization without sacrificing security

CastDesk hosts your podcasts in the Amazon cloud, a SOC-1 security facility, so you can be assured that the content will be stored and served securely on the cloud with AES 256-bit encryption to only whom you permit.

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Detailed Analytics

Measure your audience with CastDesk’s powerful analytics feature.

Our built-in employee segmentation and KPI tools allow you to understand how employees are reacting to your content, which episodes are most popular, and more.

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Recording Studio

CastDesk’s built-in recording studio tools allow you to create episodes, edit directly from your web browser, and even re-use audio from existing videos by uploading them to the platform. No additional installation necessary.

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 Your Personal Queue

Powerful AI Content

Stop worrying about what ads or suggested content will appear alongside your company’s podcasts.

CastDesk offers ad-free hosting with quick load times for high-quality audio files. Control what content is available for download and which must stay within the portal environment.

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Offline Support

Dont let wifi or data connection status limit you from listening to your favorite podcasts.

CastDesk provides users the option to download podcast episodes within the app, so security is intact while they listen to the episodes offline.

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In-App Feed

Employee engagement is easier than ever before

Post your podcasts to CastDesk and gauge how employees are reacting to your content via our Twitter-like newsfeed which lets them like and comment on episodes.

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Manage Podcasts Easily

Easy Management

Get your tasks done using a simple one click UI

CastDesk has a single, easy-to-use interface where you can host multiple shows, assign different managers to each podcast, and schedule content to publish at your preferred time and date.

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Powerful AI driven Search

AI-Powered Search

Easily find your favorite podcasts

Search your content library for specific terms and phrases in your content.

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 Automatic Transcription

Automatic Transcription

Get more from your podcasts

Content is automatically transcribed and closed-captioned.

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SSO Authentication

Authenticate Users on SSO

We have native integrations available for most secure enterprise needs.

Only your employees can access your podcasts when logged in via Single Sign-On via Active Directory or SAML IAMs such as Okta, Ping Identity, or OneLogin.

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Access Control Lists

Take Control of Access (ACL)

Do you want to create special podcasts for specific teams?

CastDesk allows you to restrict your content to certain groups. You can also use active directory groups and HRIS attributes, such as department and cost center names to limit access to an audience.

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Easily Achieve Compliance

Even though employees have access to podcasting content, it all stays hosted within the CastDesk app and portal environment. This functionality helps your company avoid BYOD security situations, such as former staff retaining access to company content past their tenure.

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CastDesk has been a lifeline for our company during this pandemic. When our workers were pushed online, we knew we needed a reliable and secure channel to distribute information through that they could access at any time. Not only were we completely impressed with [CastDesk’s] superior security features, but we’ve been able to confirm that our most important communications are actually being accessed by everyone at our organization, which is a very powerful insight to have in times like this

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